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Who is KitePride?


We repurpose damaged or worn out high-performance materials into products made with you in mind. Through the donation of sails, wetsuits, kites and other gear, KitePride creates all kinds of bags, computer casings, trendy products, and even Kippahs! These products are durable but lightweight with beautiful designs made with you in mind.

Not only do we revitalize material, but the KitePride employees are given a second chance at life and a new hope.

KitePride adds value to our employees, volunteers, products and most importantly You.

Here is a testimony of a donor from KitePride’s Youtube series; Back to the Beginning  - For the all testimony videos Click Here


Adi Degani, Kitesurfer since 2010
“I love the idea of recycling my kites because you do with that [kite] something. You don't take it out to the trash, you give [an] opportunity to someone to work in recycle, [which is] very good to the environment. [Its] more than just a bag”


Natalie, Kite Surfer for 10 years
“Funny to think my kite, I don't know, somebody in Germany [is] wearing my kite. All my experiences, and all the places I surfed and everything I went through with it (the kite). The good and the bad is a [continued] part of me”

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Fashion Products

KitePride originated in Switzerland when a young female kite surfer used a broken kite in creating a completely new product! The organization of KitePride was born and it quickly took off. In 2016, KitePride was handed over to our social business A.I.R. Since then, we have continued to produce the items everyone loves while creating, designing new products, and continuing the ingenuity of KitePride’s origins. 

Take a look at our uniquely designed and colorful products Here

Creating Jobs

We are a fashion social enterprise operating as a for-profit business.

KitePride’s social business creates jobs for women and men exiting the sex industry. There are approximately 14,000 men, and women trapped in forced labor in Israel where we are located. To combat this crisis, every bag sold at KitePride is designed and sewn by someone who has exited prostitution/human trafficking. As employees, they gain work experience and learn the importance of teamwork, reliability, and punctuality all the while, working through past traumas in a safe environment.

The employees at KitePride are hired at an hourly rate, in accordance with the individuals’ expertise and experience. Depending on their current health situation they work between four to eight hours a day, and so every employee has his own schedule fit to their situation.

By employing people exiting modern-day slavery, to upcycle material headed for landfills, KitePride creates a positive change we want to see in the world.

Get to know the KitePride family through the Employees Stories

Sponsor an Employee

Our vision is to eradicate modern-day slavery in an environmentally sustainable way

Our dream is seeing people being freed from forced labor and prostitution 

Our goal is to restore lives and provide an opportunity for people to reach their full potential 


Our social business is employing the marginalized and fostering a safe environment.

As a sponsor, you enable us to guarantee fair living wages and help our employees become independent, and valuable workers readying themselves for employment outside our safe work environment.

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Sponsor An Employee


As a sponsor, I help in providing professional supervision such as; one on one coaching and legal counsel.


Employees may lack formal education or the necessary work skills, and as a sponsor, I help in funding their education and expand on their trade skills and knowledge.


At KitePride, hot lunch is provided daily for the entire team. Everyone eats together, fostering a sense of family as a therapeutic method for the employees because many of them lack such experiences. As a sponsor, I help in fostering this positive environment and continue providing food for employees.


As a sponsor, I help cover unexpected health expenses which include but are not limited to; referrals for doctors, dentists, and counseling preventing medical bills from becoming overwhelming for the employees.

Become a Sponsor

With the support of our sponsors we can overcome past trauma and help our employees to become independent, whole and competent.

When you commit to sponsoring our care fund for at least one year ($30/month), you receive a unique KitePride bag with a personalised card from one of our employees.

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USA - For tax exempt donations 501(c)(3) to Glowbalact for US Citizen please donate contact us.


You can be a huge part of the solution!

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