What is KitePride?


We add value to high performance materials that were heading for the trash and value to the lives of people in need of new hope and a second chance at life.

We repurpose used kites into trendy, lightweight, durable and beautiful products made with you in mind. 

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Fashion Products

The idea originated when a young kite surfer in Switzerland designed a product out of a broken kite sail. It was then that kite.pride quickly took off. Since her handing it over to our social business A.I.R. in 2016, we have worked on different designs to create the products everyone loves.

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Creating Jobs


By creating jobs that boost people back into the work force, we are supporting and encouraging men and women exiting the sex industry as they learn to live a new life. We teach our employees teamwork and reliability and punctuality while at the same time allowing them to work through past trauma.

Our employees are hired on an hourly rate, which is set according to their expertise and experience. They work between 6-8h per day, depending on their current health situation. Their salaries are paid according to average Israeli income, 1200$—2000$.

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Our story and mission in 140 seconds.


We don't just simply invest in people. We deeply invest in lives - believing that everyone has great purpose. We are able to help those in need get back into the labor market by offering a safe environment to work in our social business.

Sponsor an Employee

The nature of our employees’ situations include facing difficult life challenges, which can lead to inconsistency and down time in production. 
Help us cover costs created by the social part of our business.

Sponsor An Employee


Our Senior Employees are a part of the different teams in our business. Through the One-On-One teaching of our supervisors, they learn what it means to work in a team, to cheer each other on without rivalry, and learn very important practical life skills such as punctuality, reliability, and how to budget their salary. In an effort to coach our employees into leadership positions, we work with them to learn valuable leading skills such as showing self-initiative and taking responsibility. We invest about 750$ each month for this.


On average we spend 90 $ a month to help our employees develop their skills. We commission professional seamstresses and designers to work alongside them on a regular basis. This provides them with valuable input, expanded trade knowledge, and keeps the business current and advancing.


With just 60$ each month, we provide a daily home-cooked hot meal for the entire team and eat together with the goal of fostering a family atmosphere and teaching about good nutrition. We use this as a therapeutic method, since most of our employees have never had this experience.


There are costs from extra time invested in finding and referring to outside sources of assistance when they have a problem. For an average of 75$ a month, we can assist our employees in finding the right doctors, psychologists, counselors, legal advice and cover unexpected health expenses.

Become a Sponsor

With the support of donors, we can cover the gaps in production and help our employees to become independent, whole and competent, and ready for employment outside our safe work environment. This is where you come in.

With a donation of just $50 a month ($600 yr), we can close financial gaps, stabilize production, and make employee care more successful. Another bonus – when you commit to sponsoring an employee for at least a year, you receive a unique KitePride bag with a personalized card and product label from one of our employees.

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You can be a huge part of the solution!

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