A.I.R. Tel Aviv

IL: Victim Advocacy Fund 2017

Our social business in Tel Aviv, Israel is providing rehabilitation employment in a protected work environment to people exiting exploitation in the sex industry.

Tel Aviv: a second wind for kites and people

Recognizing that restoration does not end with a raid or rescue, we are committed to assisting former exploited women and men in their transitions to new, restored lives. Our social business in Tel Aviv, Israel offers jobs and secures pay checks to survivors in a protected environment. Allowing them to heal, become stable and empower them for a future career as well as important aid such as legal, medical, consultancy services are required. These costs are only partially covered at this point, especially as we are in the process of building up our new product line kite.pride (www.kitepride.com).

Please help us develop excellent services to these women and men.



4,000.00 USD

4,009.00 USD

Thanks a lot!
The goal is reached.