Help Olivia on her way to freedom and independence

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Growing up in difficult and abusive circumstances and later on exploited and trafficked, Olivia now has the opportunity to start afresh. Help her by supporting her education!

Olivia's Story

With a mother addicted to alcohol and a father that used fists instead of words Olivia had a rough start in life. She spent parts of her childhood in several foster homes, where she experienced physical and sexual abuse. As a young adult Olivia became a victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, was numerously drugged, sold and rapped . But now she has the chance to start afresh! She is following her dream of getting an education in the field of cosmetic, moved countries to leave things behind her, with the hope to start a new life. You can help Olivia by supporting her education!

“They [the traffickers] told me I would never do something else, that no one would love me, and this [prostitution] is what I was made for. But I have showed them wrong, I did something else. I really want my life to turn, I need an education to be able to have a job, please stand with me in this. I need all the help I can get, I can’t do this on my own, I need you.”

Help us to support Olivia in her first year of schooling. By supporting her you will make it possible for her to pay the school fees and finally provide her with a real chance to start a new life.

* name was changed for safety

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