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Book & Bag

Book & Bag

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Tabea Oppliger: #nofilter

Tabea Oppliger: #nofilter

Pioneering the Dream: Raw, Real, Relatable A new Book from Tabea Oppliger. Auch in Deutsch erhältlich.

Wish it. Dream it. Do it.


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MUSKATHLON Tel Aviv 2020


A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in a remote area. All participants (men & women) are expected to raise significant funds to further the worldwide battle for justice. These funds are donated towards the work of various charities. In 2020 Glowbalact will be again a beneficiary of


Our social label kite.pride is online - Shop now!

We employ survivors in our social business and empower them. 

We repurpose used kites into trendy, lightweight, durable and beautiful products made with you in mind.

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Story of the monthIliana

Story of the month

This is Iliana's* story.  She’s a survivor. 

She was trafficked from her home in Lvov by the Ukranian mafia, transported to Israel, and forced to beg by standing on the streets while holding a sign saying "I am deaf. Please, help me" for little to no money for herself. Iliana is a beautiful mother of two daughters who she dearly loves. For now they reside with her aunt in the Ukraine. She came to work at kitepride through a rescue organization who contacted us saying that she would be a great fit with us for her transitioning from being a slave and into the work force. Imagine being alone, afraid, deaf, and only speaking and understanding Russian in an unfamiliar land. What a brave and strong woman to be overcoming such great obstacles with such determination. She has such a soft and gentle nature but her spirit is much more fierce. She is very much the reason why we do what we do. For their restoration and their complete independence and freedom. She now has a new outlook on life and your support helps to make this happen for her and so many like her.


One person CAN make a difference! Be that person and donate today to glowbalact.  


*Name changed

Video by Ministry of IL Foreign Affairs

The Truth about Prostitution in Israel

The Truth about Prostitution in Israel

Learn about the facts here.

She Has A Name

She Has A Name


Simply by downloading the film, you and your friends will be helping to fund the fight against human trafficking as 20% of the proceeds goes to Glowbalact to help combat human trafficking every day. Watch the film, fund freedom! Watch the trailer below!


Prostitution in Switzerland

Interview about the topic of human trafficking. (German)

Social Impact Holiday at A.I.R. Tel Aviv

Information for a Social Impact Holiday in Israel, Tel Aviv.

ACT212 – National Hotline Switzerland

ACT212 – National Hotline Switzerland

A national reporting office has been created as part of a project that will allow everyone to easily report any kind of exploitative human trafficking situations in Switzerland.
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