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i24 Global Eye Coverage of KitePride 2021

KitePride - Second Winds for Kites and People

We are a Tel Aviv based social enterprise that offers safe employment for ex-victims of the sex industry.

Shenkar & Kitepride Collaboration 2020

Muskathlon 2020


A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in a remote area. All participants (men & women) are expected to raise significant funds to further the worldwide battle for justice. These funds are donated towards the work of various charities. In 2020 Glowbalact will be again a beneficiary.

Muskathlon 2020 in Israel

Sponsor An Employee

The nature of our employees’ situations include facing difficult life challenges, which can lead to inconsistency and down time in production. Help us cover costs created by the social part of our business.

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Walk of Shame

Der Walk of Shame ist eine interaktive Kampagne, die zur Thematik Zwangsprostitution aufklärt und sensibilisiert. Die Kampagne wird an öffentlichen Orten installiert, sodass ein Großteil der Gesellschaft in ihrem Alltag über sie stolpern kann.



GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERS - WildHearts Summits 2018 Exclusive Speaker Invitation Live Stream with NGO/glowbalact founder Tabea Oppliger on 27-09-2018 at Barclays, Canary Wharf, London //

KitePride Empowered employment for survivors of sex trafficking

Designing to make an impact! We upcycle kitesurfing kites, sailing yachts and parachutes to create unique and handmade bags by providing rehabilitation employment. Be a SECOND WIND FOR KITES AND PEOPLE, while caring for the environment 💚 & looking fun + stylish 🏄🏻‍♀️ Made in Israel 🌵

Battle on Bikes Campaign 2017

Nine athletes between 11 and 80 years battled the trails of Israel for the sake of freedom and to bring awareness of a silent war being fought daily. They reached their goal of traversing 803 km in 10 days by bike from the border of Lebanon to the border of Egypt.

Our Volunteers in Israel

This official video produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portrays glowbalact's volunteers in Israel.

Freedom Business Alliance

Our social business is an official member of the Freedom Business Alliance. Their aim is to launch and support businesses like ours. Watch their video, and learn more on their website

"Zona" Documentary on Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Israel

Documentary on Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Israel. Produced by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice and the Freedom Foundation.

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