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Empowering people

We help people to become free from forced labor and forced prostitution.
Both employees in our social business (KitePride) and course participants in our training and job placement program are effectively supported by the GlowbalAct sponsorship fund.

With a monthly sponsorship donation, you finance education, therapies, job placements and other costs that arise due to health related problems. 

Sponsorships make it possible to respond to the individual needs of employees and course participants. This ensures that each person receives the appropriate support to start a new and self-determined life.

Become a sponsor today and help to ensure a growing professional support offer.

Our Gift To You

You, too, will receive a special gift: If you sign up for a sponsorship for at least one year, you will receive a KitePride bag (one-of-a-kind) with a personal greeting from one of our employees.


"In the past, I went to work completely numb and drugged to endure what I had to do. But today I can wake up and go to work with happiness because my job atmosphere gives me the power to face my difficulties. I feel confident and I know that I am loved."

KitePride Employee, 29

Become A Sponsor

Become a sponsor today and help us empower one life at a time.

Donations to GlowbalAct (sponsorships) are tax exempt. You will receive a donation receipt.

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