A NEW FUTURE – Education & Integration

"For the first time in my life, I felt that people were seriously interested in me and saw potential in me. I cried tears of joy when I was allowed to hold my first own employee badge in my hands."


We are established to end exploitation and to create nationwide employment for survivors of prostitution. We do this through educational training, job placement in the labour market & continuous support.

In a joint effort to expand and increase efforts to integrate more survivors into the workforce, GlowbalAct is developing a 24-month training program to help individuals trapped in the sex industry to find a way out. In 2021, our professional staff successfully taught the first training course. The course graduates, both women and men, are then networked with new friendly employers in the open labor market and mentored by our staff in their new jobs. On the ground in Tel Aviv, GlowbalAct implements the course with its local non-profit organization Hope Center. This initiative was launched in a joint venture with the Israeli government.

With the help of our partners and donors, we aim to finance and implement the program for 100 ex-victims in the first three years. Can we count on your support as well?

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3 Years (2021-2023)

8 Courses

100 Survivors

100 Friendly Employers

Goals, Program & Costs

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I would like to help 100 survivors get an education and find a job.

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Sponsorships make it possible to respond to the individual needs of employees and course participants. This ensures that each person receives the support and empowerment they need to start a new and self-determined life.

With a monthly donation via sponsorship, you finance education, therapy, job placements and other costs arising from health related conditions. 

Become a sponsor today and help to ensure a growing professional care program.

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Overcoming Challenges Together

«In the process of recruitment, training to job placement and accompaniment, there are countless hurdles to overcome. Not only for the individuals themselves, but also for us, our team, and professionals. In addition to the day-to-day business activities, emergency or night operations are not rare. Flexibility and improvisation are a given.

But the small and big moments of success give us wings! Watching an employee in the classroom or passionately teaching our participants Word and Excel is a joy to behold. And after class when we prepare a fresh, hot meal together there is a warm feeling of belonging and you can taste the sweet hope of a brighter future.»

Social Worker Team Hope Center, Tel Aviv

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