Israel is at war - your help is urgently needed!

glowbalact runs a social project in Israel that provides education, vocational integration and mentoring to victims of human trafficking and people who want to leave prostitution. The war has interrupted our work and threatens the income and livelihood of our programme participants, who have already experienced much suffering.

Current Circumstances

For our social business KitePride, which offers not only sheltered employment but also comprehensive care and social support for our programme participants, we depend on donations even in regular times. The war in Israel has brought production in our sheltered workshops to a standstill, so that we are currently unable to generate any income from orders. Your help is now more important than ever!

Your Help Matters

Help us to ensure that people who have already experienced much suffering do not have to fear for their livelihoods in this time of crisis and uncertainty. We also want to ensure that individual care continues to be provided so that our participants are not exposed to further risks of war. Your donation makes a big difference to people who have been through so much!

Together, we ensure that trafficking survivors receive support and protection when they need it most.