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What we do

glowbalact …


... is a non-governmental association based in Switzerland.


... works to put an end to sexual and commercial exploitation with task forces in Switzerland, Israel and Holland.


... invites in very simple everyone to be a part of this social justice movement, also appealing to companies to take their place in ethical consumerism.


... organizes fundraising events, e.g. the Muskathlon in cooperation with 4M Association Switzerland.


... through KitePride, a social business under GlowbalAct, offers jobs in a protected work environment for those exiting forced labour and forced prostitution.


... is a member of the Freedom Business Alliance and joins forces with a large network of anti-trafficking organisations.

Who we are

GlowbalAct was founded in 2011 as a result of a deep, personal conviction to address the rampant issue of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Switzerland and globally.

In 2014, GlowbalAct expanded its work to Israel when the co-founders relocated to Tel Aviv. They established the Israeli non-profit organisation Hope Center to further the cause which resulted in birthing a first social business A.I.R. Ltd in 2016.

The 100% charity owned business with its fashion label KitePride in Tel Aviv provides on the job training, open market experience and safe employment to survivors of forced prostitution, labor or human trafficking. In 2020 Hope Center formed a joint-venture with the Israel Government in order to better solve the issue and increase people impact. 

In 2019 GlowbalAct established a first non-profit in the Netherlands and is now expanding its mission and social business model with a local team in Amsterdam NL.

GlowbalAct Überblick (DE) 
GlowbalAct Safeguarding Policy


Mission statement. Together we have the power, freedom and responsibility to stand up against injustice! let’s rise up in unity for those who have no voice!
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Hope Center

Hope Center is our Israeli NGO. For more information please visit their website (in Hebrew)

Amutah Hope Center



Stichting GlowbalAct The Netherlands

"Stichting GlowbalAct The Netherlands" is our Dutch NGO. For more information please visit their website (in Dutch)

GlowbalAct Netherlands

Tel: 06-24600116