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Our founder Tabea Oppliger will join the Muskathlon athletes from Switzerland - raising awareness about men and women trapped in modern day slavery. Join us in this battle for justice and freedom.

Help us take part in a fundraiser for glowbalact against human trafficking

The Muskathlon is a social-sportive event, that requires extreme discipline and will-power and happens in unusual places for one week. These events raise awareness and finances to fight social injustice. The Muskathlon in Israel is happening from March 10 - 17 in 2019. It will be organised by 4m Switzerland and in cooperation with Mideast.Tours and glowbalact. It is specifically aimed at German-speakers, which is why all of our information and contact happens in German. 

In order to take part, each athlete needs to raise 10'000 Euros. This money goes to finance a social project in the country the event is happening in. As glowbalact has been chosen for 2019, we decided to send some of our own team members.

Want to be a part of this? Fund our glowbalact athletes here.

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