Battle on Bikes

Planning to cover 800 km in 10 days by mountain bike, from Lebanon to Egypt, 9 athletes between ages 11 and 80 are battling on the trails of Israel. 
Join this battle - fight for freedom from slavery!

Track their progress below and learn how you too can battle modern day slavery.


Each day, check here for videos of our athletes, facts and figures on human trafficking, and ways that you can get involved in the battle for freedom.  


We hope all our athletes will make it! But many people out there don't have such good chances of surviving their battle for freedom.

Our goal with this battle on bikes is to confront you about the issue of human trafficking and raise money to fund the glowbalact front line teams and projects. To see where your money is going, check out our summary reports from the years 2016/2017 here.

Please join us as we combine fun and a challenge to raise awareness about one of the most current topics in world history.

1,935.00 USD

Thanks a lot!
The goal is reached.