Battle on Bikes

Imagine - the battle of your life, every day with no evidence of rescue in sight - only exhaustion, fear, abuse, and hopelessness surround you. Three generations biked 803 km for freedom...

Nine athletes between 11 and 80 years battled the trails of Israel for the sake of freedom and to bring awareness of a silent war being fought daily. They reached their goal of traversing 803 km in 10 days by bike from the border of Lebanon to the border of Egypt.

Track the route they took below and learn how you too can battle modern day slavery. With a click on the markers, you will find a daily short video and some information about human trafficking.

25,000.00 USD

25,001.00 USD

Thanks a lot!
The goal is reached.

Day 10 - IYHA HOSTEL, Eilat

Our athletes made it! As awesome and satisfying as that is, we must remember that there is still a battle being fought every day on the front lines of slavery. You may be very surprised to find that these atrocities are not just happening far from you, but are at your doorstep, neighborhood, and in places you visit daily. What if you knew someone you loved and cared for was being forced into sex work? Would it make a difference in how you responded? We must remember that each person on earth has value whether we know them or not. We must respond in compassion. We must give them a fighting chance.

glowbalact is determined to continue to dig deep into the corrupt world of sex slavery. We will not stop standing up for those who cannot stand for themselves. We will give voice to those afraid to use their own, but we need your support to do that.

Our next event is the Stilettorun next month in Zurich. This is a fun and powerful way to raise funds and awareness about one of the most prevalent topics in history today. Your support is not only needed but appreciated.

Every time you donate or share our mission, you are turning on the light switch of someone trapped in darkness.

Day 9 - Shaharut

According to JiJ, 60 - 80% of prostitutes in Israel experience regular sexual and physical abuse, and they are up to 40% more likely to die as a result of their work then other people.

glowbalact has helped and is in the process of helping 321 survivors exit sex work and start a new life in the year 2016.

Do you want to help? We give you hands-on options of what you can do. You can volunteer, organise an event, take part in an event, share our page, buy our products, or you can donate money to our cause. Check out the options on our website by clicking here.

Day 8 - Tzukim


Every person has the potential to make a difference - join us now! Sponsor or volunteer with glowbalact.

Day 7 - Dimona, Israel

Making an Impact

Knowing the number of men and women prostitutes who experienced childhood abuse as children can never be exact. Statistics tell us it is possible for the numbers to lie between 65% and 95%. Imagine already having lived a life of torture only to be sold into more torture. 

In 2016, glowbalact was humbled to have helped arrest 47 traffickers in Romania responsible for child enslavement. With your help, we hope to greatly increase the numbers of arrests in 2017. With only $500 lawyers can be paid to deal with the court case of one child, woman, or man. Your support is one step closer to an opportunity to rescue the slave and to hold accountable the slave owner.  

Day 6 - Arad

Annual Income

JiJ verifies that the average sex worker in Israel has 5.5 customers daily. This business creates 1.2 billion NIS yearly. For worldwide numbers in this year alone, take a look at the following counter:

Raising $4000 pays for high tech surveillance equipment which would enable a dedicated team the ability to rescue women and arrest the people profiting in South East Asia. Your support is not only serving people in Israel but abroad as well. Each dollar counts. YOUR dollar counts. You can be the catalyst for lasting change. 

Day 5 - Kramim

Enslaved at 11

What if you were 11 years old and never given the chance to enjoy a normal childhood? What if you were planning to save yourself for marriage but that dream was stolen from you without your consent? Both childhood and dreams are dashed daily as, according to JiJ, 57% of women in Israel are enslaved between the tender ages 11 and 17. Worldwide, 55% of slaves are women and girls while 45% are men and boys. 

glowbalact relies heavily on partnership with different organizations and on the hands of selfless volunteers to help those wishing to exit slavery.  Literally, with the price of one meal a week - $10 - you can change a person’s life forever.  Support hope today!

Day 4 - Gal On

Desire for Freedom

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of sex workers do desire to be rescued. A number of things hold them back from being successful in starting anew including pimps, former employers, other employees, and insurmountable debt. 

The social business A.I.R(Act. Inspire. Restore) was founded by glowbalact with the specific intentions of of giving recovery assistance to those exiting the sex trade. We collaborate with partners to offer the best possible solution to suit each individual. 

Did you realize that with $20000 we could renovate and expand our production hub greatly to accommodate more workers wishing to start a new life?  With your support, you could play a big part in helping us make huge strides to bring hope to the hopeless.

Day 3 - Tel Aviv-Yafo

Without Other Options

What if you were in a situation that you felt your only option was to sell yourself for the sake of those you love or to save your own life? You would, no doubt, feel incredibly hopeless and worthless. Many men and women find themselves in prostitution as a means to pay off debts, support children, or for lack of a profession. Through speaking engagements and interviews, glowbalact is capable of raising awareness of the situations leading people to slavery and trafficking. Your support can bridge the enormous gap between a dignity stripping profession and a dignity restoring one. 

Help us as we offer meaningful paid jobs to people in need of professional reintegration into society at our Tel Aviv location.

Day 2 -Aviel

In Israel

Havoc Scope determined that 10,000 men visit prostitutes in Israel monthly. Try to wrap your heart and mind around the fact that 300 times a day, women and men of all ages are being used to satisfy someone’s lust and fantasy. Now imagine a safe place with new found purpose through our social employment efforts in Tel Aviv. With only $10 you can support these efforts and further hope in Israel.

Day 1 - Yarok AZ Farm


Just because we don’t see someone physically shackled and chained does not mean there are no people bearing invisible ones daily. According to The World Counts, approximately 27 million people are enslaved globally, giving evidence that slavery is more prominent now than any time in history.

glowbalact fully believes that by raising awareness and funds that directly help in Israel and beyond, it is possible to decrease these astounding numbers. You can help remove those invisible chains with only $500 – that covers hiring a lawyer to work through the court case. You can make a huge difference! 

Start - Metula

Across Borders

The U.S. State Dept. verifies that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders yearly. Many end up in developed countries.  In Switzerland glowbalact reaches out to provide social- and food support bi-weekly to these people. You can make a huge difference even in the smallest ways. Every single dollar counts. Please join our efforts by supporting us below.