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Hero of the monthAvital

Hero of the month

This is Avital’s* story.  She’s a survivor.  Her life changed forever when she came to A.I.R., our social business in Tel Aviv. Someone had the courage to step out and do something – they told her about A.I.R. She has since received work and is learning a skill. Suddenly, she has a future and hope! One person CAN make a difference! Be that person and donate today to glowbalact.  

Avital came to glowbalact from a day shelter for street prostitutes, where she had worked the streets of Tel Aviv for 30 years. Avital cannot read or write, as she was never allowed to go to school, being forced to work from an early age. She has three children who she was unable to take care of, so they were taken from her and she never saw them again.  At A.I.R, she is learning different skills, but more than that, she is learning that she is a person who is worth fighting for. When we celebrated Avital’s birthday with our team and all the employees at A.I.R., she cried, as she had never been thrown a birthday party in her entire life. But Avitals story gets way better...

One day we got a call from a customer in Jerusalem for whom A.I.R. had built furniture. Our customer had taken a photo of the work space at A.I.R. where Avital was visible in the background.  A friend was visiting his newly furnished office (A.I.R. furniture) and recognized Avital as the mother of the three children she had adopted on the picture he showed her. Immediately she wanted to know the whole story! This lady had prayed for Avital for 30 years, not knowing if she was dead or alive, often scoping the streets of Tel Aviv in search of her.

The two mothers united at our workshop and you can only imagine the incredible emotions it caused in all who witnessed the scene. We are now working on getting Avital emotionally strong and stable so she can meet her now adult children in the near future. 

*Name changed

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