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What has glowbalact done with your money in 2016?

What has glowbalact done with your money in 2016?

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Hero of the monthDiego

Hero of the month

“Most people think of slavery as something that ended centuries ago. Unfortunately, human trafficking – modern-day slavery – not only exists, it’s thriving.

Every day, men, women and children are being trafficked into forced labor or sexual exploitation. Through prevention, intervention and restoration, Operation Blessing is working hard to stop human trafficking.”  (, 12.12.2016)

Diego is the Director of Operation Blessing Israel. He is married and has two kids aged five and two. Diego and his wife got involved in the anti-trafficking movement seven years ago when Diego, a professional filmmaker, filmed a documentary in thirteen countries about the reality of human trafficking. Since then he is involved on the board of an anti-trafficking organization that has a safe house in Mexico for women under eighteen.

One of the main focuses Operation Blessing has is the restoration of trafficked men and women with a heavy involvement in social-businesses. Naturally, when Diego and his family moved to Israel, they were looking for organizations like A.I.R. After hearing about our social enterprise A.I.R. from a friend, who bought their furniture, he immediately emailed to ask how Operation Blessing could help.

Thanks to their practical approach, Operation Blessing proved to be a real help to our cause. They helped in various ways e.g. purchased glasses and a fridge for a survivor, helping A.I.R. to effectively work with men and women leaving prostitution.

In an ending statement, Diego said:

 “I believe ending slavery is possible, but it takes partnership, community and it takes thousands or millions of individuals taking responsibility together for a common cause – we can make a change.”

We agree with Operation Blessing: We are one piece of a puzzle, and only by working together can we see the bigger picture and create a strategy to progressively bring an end to the exploitation of people.

Video by Ministry of IL Foreign Affairs

The Truth about Prostitution in Israel

The Truth about Prostitution in Israel

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Simply by downloading the film, you and your friends will be helping to fund the fight against human trafficking as 20% of the proceeds goes to Glowbalact to help combat human trafficking every day. Watch the film, fund freedom! Watch the trailer below!


Prostitution in Switzerland

Interview about the topic of human trafficking. (German)

Social Impact Holiday at A.I.R. Tel Aviv

Information for a Social Impact Holiday in Israel, Tel Aviv.

ACT212 – National Hotline Switzerland

ACT212 – National Hotline Switzerland

A national reporting office has been created as part of a project that will allow everyone to easily report any kind of exploitative human trafficking situations in Switzerland.
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