Our Volunteers in Israel

This official video produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portrays glowbalact's volunteers in Israel.

Freedom Business Alliance

Our social business is an official member of the Freedom Business Alliance. Their aim is to launch and support businesses like ours. Watch their video, and learn more on their website

A.I.R. Start Up

"Zona" Documentary on Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Israel

Documentary on Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Israel. Produced by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice and the Freedom Foundation.

Stiletto Run 2015

Video clip from the Stiletto Run 2015 charity event that was a part of the Zurich Long Night of Fashion.

30 Sekunden

Every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking... learn some more chilling facts and find out how you can help.

Stiletto Run 2014

Press reports